An esprit de corps that inspires members to belong.


We are a volunteer alpine ski patrol affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Region of the Eastern Division, National Ski Patrol.  We patrol the trails on Snö mountain located just off of Interstate 81 in Scranton, PA. 

Becoming A Member

How You Can Join The National Ski Patrol

National Ski Patrol members are people with a strong desire to help others.  People who want to learn – and use – emergency care skills, improve their skiing or snowboarding, and help make mountain recreation safer for all.  If this sounds like you, read on and find out how you can join this exclusive team.

Volunteer and paid patroller membership requirements of National Ski Patrol members include:

Association with a local patrol as an Alpine Patroller, skier or snowboarder or Nordic Patroller.

Complete credentialed courses in Outdoor Emergency Care, CPR, Ski and Toboggan Handling followed by continuing education through annual refreshers and local patrol training requirements.

Patrol History

Snö Mountain Ski Patrol, formerly The Montage Ski Patrol originated in the weeks before the newly built Montage Mountain Ski Area was about to open in December of 1984. The patrol was headed initially by Sandy Scull and assisted by Al Evans who later replaced Sandy as patrol director. Besides these two National Ski Patrollers there where five other NSP members which transferred to this newly formed patrol from other mountains. The rest of the patrol was made up of 35 candidates who had just completed their Red Cross Advanced First aid class. They where trained to NSP Standards and upgraded to basic patrollers by early January when another group of candidates came on. The season ended with a patrol of over 50 members. Our patrol has flourished to just under 100 patrollers.

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